Running it Softly, but killing it!

Runners are constantly looking to improve - to increase distance, to increase speed - but often don't look at how we run. Running softly can help with those goals while also potentially reducing the risk of injury. The focus of my training is to get you to your goal race or distance, all the while attempting to minimize the chance of getting injured.

For beginner runners, this is a chance to try to get it right early in your running career (before you are habitually caught up in some bad habits).

Before you know it you could be running it softly, but at the same time you could be killing it (softly) on the run.

Coaching Options

Individualized Training

I will create training plans that will fit perfectly with your schedule to allow you to reach your goal race and/or pace. We will work together to make adjustments when necessary throughout the entire plan (if improvement is faster or slower than expected, or just if life gets in the way).
It is recommended that plans also include in-person run to review, which will allow me to make better informed on your progress.


Email or visit the “Online Coaching” page, packages can include:

– Personalized Training Plan
– Unlimited email access to coach
– Online training plan through Final Surge featuring email reminders and data upload
– Regular plan adjustments
– One-to-one coaching sessions to review progress and/or running form

Running Form Analysis

Running form may be key to improving your running and/or reducing your risk of injury. I offer a full analysis from in-person review during which I will film your running and provide an in depth follow up analysis from the video along with guidance on what looks good and what might be helpful to improve.


When combined with a training plan with one-on-one or group runs, progress can be checked, or we can book a follow up review analysis session.
Email for further info.
Running Form Analysis includes:

– A session to review running form and record video at different speeds
– Detailed analysis following review of video
– Discounted follow up sessions to review progress


Group Training

An alternative to individual training may be group training. I will organize group training for popular local events and/or targets, but if you already have a group of friends you run with, consider group training as a way to reduce individual training costs. This may include the same individualized approach to training plans for all members of the group.

Email to discuss your requirements, or find out when new sessions will be scheduled.

Group sessions include:

– Great value to get you started on reaching your goals
– Training plan for target period, or ongoing
– Unlimited email access to coach
– Weekly group sessions to discuss progress and get advice in person and get support from others.
– Updates to training plans if necessary

Coaching by Goal

Half/Marathon Training

Do you need that extra little bit of help to make sure you stay on track, and remain injury free as you increase your race distance?
Or perhaps you just need that extra help to improve on your previous attempts at the distances? Contact me to get started on the way to your goal.
Email to discuss your individual needs.

Improving time/distance

Have you recently started running or hit a barrier to improvement of race times? Perhaps you have tried to increase distance and found it hard. How can you make it to the next level, or just keep yourself motivated to achieve more? I’ll be there to help you achieve your goal, hopefully while making sure you are having fun and staying injury free.
Email to discuss your individual needs.

Couch to 5k

Offered as individualized training or part of regular group training targeting specific local goal races, this is an ideal way to get started on your running journey. Regular progress reviews are key to ensuring you make it to your goal, and help to keep you injury free, and I’ll be there every step of the way cheering you along.
Email to discuss your individual needs.

Additional Services

Barefoot/Minimal Running

If you are interested in the concept of minimal/barefoot style running I can coach you through the transition, or provide you with a one off session to guide you through the process.

I transitioned early in my running career and only run in minimal shoes (and occasionally completely barefoot). Every pair of shoes I own for running, casual use, and work are zero drop with as little sole thickness as I can find, and I have completed races up to and including marathon distance in minimal shoes.

Email for further info.

Kids Coaching

The aim of this coaching is to introduce children to the fun of running.

These sessions will be based on the Kids Run the Nation program and follows an 8 week program of running activities. These will be tailored mainly to children under the age of 10.

Click here to sign up for the mailing list to stay informed about upcoming sessions or email with any questions.

Why choose Running It Softly

“The coaching and the comradeship of this group was absolutely motivating and helpful. Thanks to Running it Softly, I was able to handily beat my goal in a recent 5K. Now my sights are set on getting closer to where I was when I last ran competitively, 20 years ago.”

D.V. Goal: 5k improvement

“I have seen great results in a short period of time working with Neil. Neil is very responsive and nurturing. He created a plan that was well customized and perfectly tailored to fit my needs. He is experienced and passionate about running and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to his coaching sessions. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. And he makes running challenging and fun! If you are interested in exploring a rewarding activity that will change your health for the better, Neil will help get you going on the right path.”

A.S. Goal: injury prevention, improve 5k

“Neil was a really helpful running coach. He paced us well and expanded upon our strengths each session, setting reasonable goals that challenged us enough to see improved performance. I appreciated the feedback we received from our mid-week individual runs as well. The group dynamic also worked nicely to build motivation and support, even though we were all working on our own personal goals of speed and distance.”

E.A. Goal: getting back to running

“Neil gives you just the right amount of encouragement and extra nudge when he sees fit. He is gentle and perceptive. His witty sense of humor is a good trait for a coach who loves his sport. He never puts anyone down for not exercising enough of pushing themselves enough, yet knows intuitively how to encourage them.”

A.M, Goal: couch to 5k

About me



Certified USATF and RRCA Running Coach

It’s never too late to start

I started running in 2010 at the age of 36, prompted by an increasing waist size and limited time to work out in my busy life. It turns out running is the best way to stay fit and healthy with relatively little time.

After a year and a half I was still running just a few miles at a time a few times a week, but made the decision to train for a half marathon. I joined a running club (RVRR), which definitely helped, and got me well and truly hooked on running. I have since become the club 40s men team captain and I am a member of the RVRR board. I am also now the race director for my local 5k - the Highland Park Run in the Park 5k held in May.

I became interested in coaching early on in my running career, with an interest in injury prevention (getting injured was one of my main concerns when I started), and it happened to be around the time when the book "Born to Run" was being talked about extensively. As I was still a new runner, I read about, and listened to advice about, transitioning to barefoot style running. Now, the shoe options to support this style of running are much more varied, and all my shoes (even my daily wear and work shoes) are zero drop. While I don't necessarily think this is the right thing for everyone, it has worked for me, as I have successfully remained injury free, and I believe there are many things I have learned that may help other runners achieve better running form.

I participate in approximately 15 to 20 races per year, in distances from 5k to Marathon (only one so far, but more to come).